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Basketball Camp

For students going into 7th-12th grades

May 24-29, 2017

Take your game to the next level at TBC Basketball Camp! Championship coaches come out shooting and give you everything they've got to make you better. Practice, practice, and practice some more with shooting drills, ball-handling drills, and speed-building drills. Then work it for real with one-on-one, three-on-three, and five-on-five competitions in a league just your speed. In the evenings, the high school varsity campers really take it up a level and battle the college-age team. Whatever your level, you will come away with more talent, toughness, and team-ness. Not only will you learn to handle the rock, but you will learn how to stand on the Rock, Jesus Christ, when life puts on the full-court press. You will leave with more hope! more faith! and more spiritual strength to take on your next challenge in life! Invest in your game and book it today!

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